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Dear passengers, due to the situation with COVID-19, before buying a new ticket or changing the existing one, please inform yourself about the requirements regarding the entrance in the country you are traveling to. Aviotag will not be responsible if you don't meet the requirements needed to be accepted onto the flight.

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Aviotag is an online travel portal specialized in planning and booking flights to the most popular destinations around the world. If you need any help with any phase of the traveler/airline interaction, feel free to contact our professional travel agents.
Poštovani putnici, zbog novonastale situacije oko virusa COVID-19, pre kupovine novih Ili promene postojećih karata dobro se informišite o uslovima za ulazak u zemlju u koju putujete. Aviotag neće snositi odgovornost ukoliko ne ispunjavate uslove da budete primljeni na let.