Dear passengers, due to the situation with COVID-19, before buying a new ticket or changing the existing one, please inform yourself about the requirements regarding the entrance in the country you are traveling to. Aviotag will not be responsible if you don't meet the requirements needed to be accepted onto the flight.

The traveler is obliged to obtain the necessary travel documents and visas and to comply with the laws, regulations, ordinances, conditions and rules of travel of the countries to/from which he travels and through which he transits. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the consequences that the traveler suffers if he/she does not obtain the appropriate documents or visas and if he/she does not comply with the mentioned laws, regulations, ordinances, requirements, conditions, rules and instructions.
An air ticket is a contract between the passenger and the agency where the passenger agrees and is familiar with all the rules of the airline, as well as the rules of the AvioTag agency and agrees with the accuracy of all data on the air ticket. The AvioTag agency does not bear any responsibility if the passenger is returned or refused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. - TERMS OF USE is an internet portal for airline tickets sale, AvioTag D.O.O. st. Car Dušan 37, 18000 Niš PIB 111817041 MB 21545708. When making a reservation for airline tickets, you conclude a travel contract with the Airline Company, with as an intermediary. is an intermediary in the sale of airline tickets, with companies with which it has a cooperation agreement. The terms of the portal refer to the intermediary activity of Confirm the reservation by checking the box to accept the terms of the agency. By this action, you agree with the following conditions: Air ticket is a document that is not transferable to another person. Flight segments (coupons) need to be used in the order specified in the airline's travel plan. Special airline rules apply to each airline ticket. The conditions of the airline's tariff (that were valid on the day of airline ticket purchase) are respected.


Reservations mediated by the portal include reservations made:

- online - directly on
- by sending a request via e-mail
- calling our Call Center +38162559966
- contact via Viber and WhatsApp

The order for making a reservation in all three cases is binding on the user. Reservations that are not made through the site may have a price difference. If you book air tickets online at in Step 2. Delivery and payment (last step) you decide how you want to pay for your tickets:

  1. Booking only, same day payment.
    After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation by email with payment instructions. After the payment of the air ticket through the Bank's account (the costs of the Bank's commission will be charged additionally), the electronic ticket (e-ticket) will be sent to you by e-mail on the same day when the payment was made.
  2. Electronic airplane ticket, payment immediately with payment cards (debit cards, credit cards).. The electronic ticket will be issued and sent by email when the reservation and payment are made. After making a reservation and choosing to pay with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card, you will be redirected to the Banca Intesa security page where you will make the payment. When the transaction is completed successfully, you will receive an electronic ticket by email by the end of the day when the online purchase was made.
  3. Payment through the company account. It is necessary to fill in the company data for us to send you the pro forma invoice. After payment, the airplane ticket will be sent to the email you have provided when booking (by the end of the working day). Payment is required on the same day the reservation for the ticket was made. The airplane ticket purchase is finalized on the same day and, the price is guaranteed only on the day of booking.


If you made the payment after 4 pm on weekends/holidays or want to speed up the ticket issuance process, be sure to send us a confirmation of payment to or send a confirmation picture via Viber / Whatsapp number +38162559966.


If the passenger makes double reservations on several portals or travel agencies, the airlines have the right to cancel all the reservations made by the passenger. Passengers are requested to make only one airplane ticket reservation. If the passenger wants an agent of to make a reservation of airline tickets in their name, it is necessary to submit an e-mail address. We will send a confirmation of the completed airline ticket reservations, conditions, and payment deadline through the provided e-mail. By paying for the airplane tickets the passenger confirms that everything is correct (ticket information - like date, time, name, spelling...). We are ONLY responsible for the information provided in writing. When paying for airplane tickets, you confirm the validity of the data in the reservation.

After receiving your payment, an electronic ticket will be sent to you by e-mail. If the e-ticket does not reach your e-mail on the same day when you made the payment, you are obliged to notify the merchant by e-mail or call the customer center +38162559966 by 19:00h. If you do not do that, the airline may cancel your reservation or change the price tomorrow, so it is necessary to pay extra.


The buyer is obliged, before any method of payment, to check the reservation of the ticket received by email (names and surnames of passengers, date and time of flight as well as the destination, etc.) and only after that to proceed with the payment according to the submitted instructions. If any irregularity or error is noticed, the customer is obliged to react immediately in order for the error to be corrected. If an error is noticed after the ticket is issued, all costs of changes must be paid by the customer at his own expense. If the customer makes a payment without any notice of error, it is considered that he agrees with all the information on the reservation and that this information is correct. Tickets with such information are sent to the user by e-mail. The main basis for issuing airline tickets is entering the reservation code in the reference number when paying. The merchant does not question whether the traveler makes the payment or someone makes the payment on his behalf. portal cannot guarantee that the correction of a booking error will be possible without an additional cost, even if the passenger has notified the agency in a timely manner. Most service providers do not allow any corrections after making a reservation. Delayed reporting of errors or impossibility of their correction does not in any case provide the right to withdraw from the contract.


Sending all notifications of changes / cancellations / reservations and all communication between the merchant and the buyer (site visitor) is done exclusively via email left by the buyer when booking the ticket. We do not take any measures on our own without a written response and notification from the buyer. The buyer is obliged to respond to our request as soon as possible. The e-mail for communication is In case of any changes that the service provider has in relation to the user's trip (flight delay or cancellation), the will try to contact the user by phone or e-mail. The conditions are set by airplane companies (the check-in time, the allowed weight of luggage…). The user can find out about these conditions from the service provider via email We do not take responsibility regarding these conditions.



Payment slip / transfer order via account,
Online payment - cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express),
Payment is exclusively in local currency - dinar.

Payment by payment slip or transfer order (personal / bussiness)

Purpose of payment: Purchase of tickets
Recipient: AVIOTAG D.O.O.
Account of creditor - recipient: 160-6000000038650-14

After the payment of the airplane ticket, an electronic ticket and invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.


Online - Payment cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).
The money from your card is charged by the airline and the following things can happen:

  • your card type is not applicable to the airline you are flying
  • you have a contract with the bank on collection in EUR (for foreign companies)
  • the bank can withdraw more or less money from your account due to exchange rate fluctuations


An electronic ticket is a contract between passengers and carriers. The electronic card is non-transferable. The name and surname of the passenger cannot be changed. The passenger will not have the right to transportation if he does not show the identity documents valid for the trip and if a valid electronic ticket has not been issued in his name. Each air ticket is valid for transport for one year from the date of the start of the trip. In case no part of the ticket is used, the ticket is valid from the date of its issuance, unless otherwise stated in the ticket, conditions of transport or regulations of the carrier.


The ticket purchased by the passenger is valid only for the transport specified on the ticket, from the place of departure, through all planned stops, to the final destination. The price of the air ticket paid by the passenger is based on certain tariffs and refers to the transport listed on the Airplane ticket. The ticket will not be considered valid in case airplane ticket coupons are not used in the order in which they are stated on the ticket itself.


Tariffs apply for transportation from the airport of departure to the airport of destination, unless otherwise specified. Tariffs do not include ground transportation between airports, nor between airports and terminals in the city. The price of the air ticket paid by the passenger is calculated according to the tariffs of the airlines valid on the day of payment for the trip according to the itinerary listed on the Air Ticket and the service fee for issuing the electronic ticket. Service fees for issuance are 750 dinars per ticket. The price of the air ticket is guaranteed only at the time of booking. The airline has the right to change the tariff or airport taxes at any time. Portal is not responsible for changes in tariffs or airport taxes.


Payment with payment cards is possible with most airlines. The airline sets the conditions and terms. Once you have completed your payment with your card, the amount won’t be charged automatically. After checking the reservation by the agent, the airline ticket is issued. After booking your ticket, make sure you check your email. If you do not have enough funds on the card, the reservation won’t go through and you will be notified by e-mail. Payment cards can be rejected for several reasons. reserves the right to request additional information from you that would ensure the validity and ownership of the payment card with which you purchase. It reserves the right not to accept a transaction with certain payment cards that do not meet security regulations or for which the customer is unable to prove ownership. In that case, after making the reservation, you will be informed that your payment card does not meet the conditions and the reserved amount will be released. For additional information regarding payment by payment cards, you can call our call center: +38162559966.


All reservations made through are active and guaranteed until the end of the day. If reservations have a shorter limit for realization, the is obliged to inform you immediately after the creation of the reservation about a possible deviation.


If the method of payment of the ticket is in cash or through an account, the payment currency is dinar. The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion at the exchange rate used by card organizations. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our site.

AIRPLANE SEAT will book a seat on the plane at the client's request, in case the airline allows this service. The portal is not able to guarantee the passenger that he will sit in the chosen place. The airline reserves the right to change the seating schedule even after boarding. This may be necessary for medical, safety, or security reasons.


Check-in deadlines vary from airport to airport. It is necessary for the passenger to inquire about these deadlines and to adhere to them. Airlines have the right to cancel a passenger's reservation if the passenger does not meet the deadlines for checking in for the flight. The passenger is obliged to inquire about the deadlines for checking in at the airport. The deadline for checking in for the check-in of all airlines in Belgrade is 2 hours. At some airports, you need to be at the airport earlier, especially if you are at one of the airports for the first time, and you need more time to check-in.

The passenger must be present in the boarding area no later than the time that the airline has previously determined when checking in for the flight. The airline has the right to cancel the passenger's reservation if the passenger does not show up at the boarding exit in time.


Each airline has the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger or baggage for reasons of flight safety or at its discretion. In that case, the passenger will not be entitled to a refund of the paid airplane ticket. The airline has the right to refuse to accept luggage if it considers that it is not adequately and safely packed in appropriate packaging.


When checking baggage at a check-in that is treated as checked baggage at the airport, the airline will receive and issue a coupon tag for each piece of checked baggage at the airport. Checked baggage must be marked with a label containing the passenger's name and other personal data. Checked baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger unless the airline decides to carry it on another flight for security, safety, or operational reasons. If you travel with one airline to your final destination, your luggage will be checked in until the end.

If you use the services of two different airlines in one airplane ticket and if it is agreed between the carriers that your luggage will be checked in completely and if you do not make a stop for more than 24 hours, your luggage will be checked in completely. Otherwise, it is necessary to pick up and check the luggage again at the landing site. The airline and are not responsible for losses or costs that the passenger may suffer because he did not comply with the provisions of this article. is not obliged to inform the passenger about the mutual agreements of the airlines regarding the check-in of luggage.


The published flight schedule may be changed in the interval from the date of publication to the date of travel. does not guarantee the published flight schedule of airlines. The flight schedule is subject to change. There is a possibility that the flight schedule will change after the airplane ticket is issued. It is necessary for the passenger to leave his contact details valid and available so that we can inform him about all changes. If there is a delay or cancellation of the flight within a maximum of 24 hours before the date of travel during the working hours of the call center, our call center will contact and inform you about any changes/cancellations of the passenger or the customer of the purchased airplane ticket. After notifying the client about the change or cancellation of the airplane ticket, the agents of will do everything to replace the changed flights with flights that suit the passenger, with the consent of the airline. If none of the proposed flights suits the passenger, will follow the instructions of the airline. If the airline cancels or changes the flight schedule on the day of the trip, a few hours before the trip, the passenger will be notified at the airport by the airline about the flight schedule. For all questions the passenger might have at the airport, he is obliged to contact the airline, which will inform him about the change of flight schedule or cancellation of the airplane ticket and find the best option for the passenger at a given time. If there is a strike of the airline, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline so that the airline can transfer him to the first free flight to the desired destination. For all complaints and damages that the passenger wants to claim due to the delay, cancellation of the flight, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline directly.


When processing the payment from card transactions through e-commerce, the merchant redirects the customer to the bank where the user enters his card data securely.

This way, the following goals are achieved:


The bank develops new functionalities of the Payment Gateway and harmonizes the existing ones with the requirements of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, enabling the merchant to focus on the core business. The page to which the customer is redirected when making a payment is called the Hosted Payment Page (HPP).


On behalf of the website, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers/users of the site and data necessary for business and informing users following good business practices and providing quality service. We give customers a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer/user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees of who need this data to do the job. All employees of aviotag office and the website are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.


When entering payment card data on the site, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology. Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, so the complete billing process is performed on the bank's website. Data from the payment card is not available to our system at any time.


During the purchase or while using our services, we may ask you for your personal passenger information. We may ask you for information about personal data in the following cases:

  • when buying a plane ticket
  • when registering online for a user account on website
  • by participating in surveys and research
  • by establishing contact via the website
  • by participating in other activities on


The collected information is used in the following cases:

  • filling out forms in requests for tickets or information
  • ensuring and providing customer services
  • conducting research and analysis
  • sending information for marketing purposes
  • performing other business activities



If you provide us with information about another person or if other people provide information about you, they will be used for the purposes for which they were provided. As an example of this type of information, we can list the address of a friend to whom the ticket will be delivered.


Aviotag does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. Aviotag may need to pass on information to certain third parties, such as airlines or other representatives acting on our behalf. This action can be taken in the following cases:

  • issuing airline tickets
  • payment card processing
  • sending newsletters
  • delivery of airline tickets by email
  • if you are a memeber of a membership club
  • customer services assistance
  • conducting research, analysis or other inquiries
  • e-mailing or regular mail delivery will eventually be forced to forward personal data to the judicial authorities, by court summons, court investigators, or otherwise as prescribed by law. We also reserve the right to report to the investigating authorities activities that we consider to be illegal. Possibility of not accepting marketing activities once we collect your data, we can send you marketing notices containing special offers, various promotions, etc. You have the option of not accepting future marketing notices from at any time. To stop receiving marketing notifications, please do one of the following:

  • Follow the unsubscribe instructions in the marketing notifications received from us.
  • Through Call Center +38162559966


Every online purchase on the Internet is subject to security and reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, and unauthorized access to your data under our control. cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any data transmitted via e-mail, so you do it at your own risk. Since the security of your data is a high priority, several actions have taken to enable reliable, accurate, and secure data transfer. To raise the level of safety, when creating a user account on our Web pages, you need to choose a personal code that should contain from 6 to 30 letter characters, including a combination of both letters and numbers. You are personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password or user account information.


All payments are in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia - dinar (RSD). The exchange rate defined by IATA has an informative use as a presentation of prices in other currencies. Your billing amount will be expressed in your local currency, which we cannot know at the time of the transaction. As a result of the conversion, a slight difference in the price listed on our site and the actual billing amount might occur.


In the case of a cancellation and refund to a customer who has previously paid in part or in full (payment cards), and regardless of the reason for the refund, is obliged to refund. will refund exclusively through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and payment methods. This means that the bank will refund the amount to the cardholder's account at the seller's request.

In case of cancellation, change or partial cancellation of a certain reservation, trip or other product or service performed by the user through the site, the agency's brokerage fee will not be refunded.

In case the passenger decides to cancel the flight himself, voluntarily cancels the trip, the amount of the refund depends on the tariff contained in the purchased ticket. Before buying an airline ticket online, the passenger is familiar with the conditions. If the client made the reservation online, he received the conditions by e-mail. In other situations, the client was informed in person about all the cancellation details.

In case of force majeure and/or involuntary cancellation of the trip (such as the cancellation of the airline's flight), the refund is made accordingly. The conditions are dictated by the airline through which the passenger is flying. does not bear responsibility and financial compensation if the airline decides not to return the money to the passenger. Refunds for tickets paid online are made exclusively through VISA, MasterCard, and American Express payment methods, which means that the bank will make a refund to the cardholder's account.


General refund will refund the airline ticket or the unused part of the air ticket according to the valid tariff rules. When booking an airline ticket online, the passenger is obliged to read and accept the terms of the airline ticket refund so that he can make the airline ticket reservation himself. An airplane ticket refund is performed exclusively at the place where the ticket was purchased and under the conditions given for a certain tariff. Depending on the tariff, the refund may be full, with payment of penalties or cannot be made. In case of a flight cancellation (made by the airline), a full refund of the airline ticket will be made. In any other situation, the fee for issuing the ticket, as well as the tax for issuing the ticket cannot be refunded. The refund fee that will be charged by is 20 euros per ticket.

In case you want to cancel your reservation, it is necessary to inform us in writing via email to the address: In the case of a refund to a customer who has previously paid in part or in full (by a credit card), and regardless of the reason, is obliged to refund exclusively through VISA, Master, and American Express payment methods, which means that the bank will refund the cardholder's account at the seller's request.


Aviotag guarantees that the buyer will be refunded in part or in full for the canceled contract according to the terms of the airline tariff (with which the passenger agreed and is familiar before concluding the contract). And according to the terms of the business of Aviotag, which are listed in this document. The refund will be paid directly on the payment card, in cash, via the current account or company account (depending on the channel in which the payment was made).


If the payment of the air ticket was:

  1. Cash refund - 48 hours from the request (non-working days are not included)
  2. Refund throught the bank account - 48 hours from the request (non-working days are not included)
  3. The deadline for returning money paid by credit card is up to 90 days. 

RIGHT OF REFUSAL OF THE REFUND has the right to refuse a request for the refund in case it has been submitted after the expiration date of the ticket.


The purchased air ticket is refunded exclusively to the ordering party. The money will be returned in the same manner as the ticket was paid.


The change of travel date can be made at the place where the airline ticket was purchased or at the airline whose ticket was issued. The request to change the date can only be submitted: in writing by e-mail from the customer. will change the dates on the air ticket according to the valid tariff rules. The fee of the portal for issuing a new modified electronic air ticket is 20 euros per ticket.

If the traveler wants to cancel the trip or change the dates on the tickets, it is necessary to contact us in writing via

The passenger is obliged to pay penalties for changing the air ticket according to the conditions defined by the Airline, which the passenger is obliged to read when booking the air ticket.


Complaints about the purchase of an airline ticket and the refund are made according to the conditions of the tariff contained in the purchased ticket and the refund approved by the airline. Before buying an airline ticket online, the passenger is familiar with the overall conditions.


The passenger to whom the checked baggage at the departure airport did not arrive at the final destination needs to report the loss of luggage at a specially marked counter (LOST LUGGAGE / LOST BAGGAGE / LOST AND FOUND). The passenger who lost the luggage must enclose the air ticket with the stickers for the checked baggage. The stickers are applied by the airline official who is registering the passengers for the flight. This luggage may be damaged or dropped due to the handling of luggage or inclement weather, causing luggage to go to the wrong side. Baggage sorting is done manually by airport officials based on stickers. There is always the possibility of human error. Sometimes luggage can be put on the "wrong" lane and go to an unwanted destination.

The airport services are responsible for searching for the lost luggage. The movement of luggage is monitored electronically. Each bag has a sticker (tag) with the destination mark and a bar code. Through these codes, the airport services can check the owner of the luggage and the itinerary. When the luggage "strays" and appears at another airport, it is recorded and entered into the electronic database with detailed descriptions. Through the database, the luggage is traced so it can be returned to the rightful owner. Damaged luggage or possible theft of the luggage must be reported at the same counter by filling the special form.

Lost luggage, in most cases, is found within 24 hours. It rarely happens to be found later.

Once the luggage is found, it is sent on the first flight to the final destination. The lost luggage is usually delivered to the passenger at his home address, hotel, or place of temporary residence.

Most airlines pay unplanned expenses for the purchase of necessary clothes if the passenger is left without luggage for a few days. Companies make this compensation only if the traveler remains in a destination and the destination is not his place of residence. The airlines also determine the amount of the refund themselves and accept only reasonable costs.

Lost luggage can be tracked online. The lost luggage tracking system is known as

"Worldtracer" and with its help, passengers of forty of the world's largest airlines can find their lost luggage on their own. Visit the website: for all the information. It is necessary to enter your last name and the reference number that can be found on the luggage sticker affixed to the airline ticket. is not responsible for the loss of or damage to the luggage.

All Airlines have different rules regarding a luggage that is allowed on a particular flight. The payment for excess baggage is also dictated by the airline company. The passenger is obliged to be informed about this and to respect the rules of the Airline.


The traveler is obliged to obtain the necessary travel documents and visas and to comply with the laws, regulations, ordinances, conditions, and rules of travel of the countries to / from which he travels and through which he transits. is not responsible for the consequences suffered by the traveler if he does not obtain the appropriate documents or visas and if he does not comply with the mentioned laws, regulations, ordinances, requirements, conditions, rules, and instructions.